Professional, Stunning Property Videos Under $100

MARCH 2020 – As potential buyers for your properties may be wary to visit ‘home opens’ during this unique period, you can still give them a guided walkthrough of your properties using video.  There are many options available to you and your vendors.

As such, we’ve developed a streamlined production flow for property videos. This means you can finally start using video to sell your properties easily AND extremely affordably.

Agents have been telling us they need video to promote their properties to a wide audience, but that it’s too costly and too hard.

You’ll see how we’ve made it easy and affordable. Under $100 per video. ($90 plus GST)

That’s NOT a typo.

See all the details in the video >>>>

Because video is such an excellent way to build trust…

buyers will see you as a friend before they meet you face-to-face

You already know how effective a video is for marketing.  Here’s some quick stats…

– property videos get your listing 403% more enquiries
– only 4% of properties utilise video (so using video makes your listing stand out)
– Facebook is 70% video content

And according to – With video, there’s no better way to create an emotional attachment, increase your Social Media reach and enhance your prestige.

We’ll edit your intro onto your property video for you!

Below are a couple of examples of the under $100 videos…

Chalk Property: “Looks great and think I will be able to use the product often. Fantastic!” Rob McGavin

One Agency Warnbro: “Well done.  I’ve shown this to the team and it has been well received”.  Paul Ellis

Here’s a FREE training tip for you

Watch how to make a short intro for your videos with your smartphone.  It’s the best way to make an instant connection with your viewer (and potential buyer) – so it’s something you should be doing for all of your properties.

I’m going to share with you how simple it is to make your own ‘top and tail’ for any property video we produce for you.  You can use video on your property marketplace to become the celebrity authority and the ‘go to’ person that people look to and refer others to. This makes it easy for your viewers to get to know, like and trust you, before they meet you…

So when they finally do meet you in person, you don’t have to try to convince them of all the reasons why they should be working with you. This means you can focus on all the ways you can help them into their next property.  And that’s a completely different position for you to be in.

By watching this short COMPLIMENTARY tutorial video, you’ll have all the information you need to
go out there and start marketing with video today.

You’ll soon see what a powerful technique this is for your sales.  Responding to a buyer enquiry with a personalised video introduction sets you apart from other agents, and builds trust with your buyers.

You can place your custom-made video order here…

You can only WIN with this video offering because we’re giving you a MONEY-BACK Guarantee.

If you don’t like the preview video and we can’t change it to your liking, then you’ll get your payment refunded.

Once you place your order below, you’ll be shown a page with details for sending us info for your listing.

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This package gives you a single video production.  You’ll get:

1 x video (60 seconds duration)
Script Writing (based on your listing text)
Image & text compilation (from your supplied images)
Male or Female voice over
Music (royalty free)
Master video file

Try This Out: $99  (inc GST)
Money-Back Guarantee – Click To Order Here

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