Baby Boomer & Gen X business owners will discover the easy way to market their business & services without wasting their marketing budget and by spending just 2 hours a week using the technology they already have

The old ways of marketing no longer work, and by changing the way you think and the way you marketing your business, you can dramatically increase more ‘ready-to-buy’ customers to your business and generate more sales.  Now, you can have a consistent marketing system that you can easily implement and not have technology hold you back from achieving this and actually enjoy being in business instead of if being a hard slog.

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Do you think you don’t have time for video marketing that will
get you more customers?

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Video Marketing Success Formula
Course Outline


Welcome ~

Get Started – How To Set Yourself Up For Video Marketing Success.

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The Little Known Secrets That Make Video Marketing So POWERFUL ~

COMING UP: Discover Why Video Marketing Is Critical To Boosting Your Business By Up To 20%.

3 Compelling Marketing Secrets And Why You Need To Be Using Them In Your Business.

What Video Marketing Is Really All About.

Part 1 – 3 Simple Steps To Mastering Your Smartphone And Knowing

    Exactly What To Say, Every Time – Without Fail.

Part 2 – The One Thing You Should Be Doing Every Time You Make A Video.

The Easy Action-by-Action Formula That Gets You Started Right Now.


PREVIEW: Professional Secrets That Make You The Master Of Your Smartphone For Video…


How To Master Your Smartphone For Video (Equipment and Recording Basics) ~

COMING UP: How To Master Your Smartphone For Video.

Why We Use Smartphones (Convenience, Quality, Getting It Done).

            Smartphone Basics & Other Tools

Audio & Microphone For Your Smartphone

Lighting For Your Video

Location Setup For Your Business Videos

Smartphone Camera Framing

How To Eliminate Your Fear Of Technology.

Making A Video With ‘3 Tips’.. (1 to 2 minutes)

PLUS: Making A Video With Tips Script (DOWNLOAD)

PREVIEW: How to Present & Frame Like a Professional…


How to Present and Frame Your Videos Like A Professional ~

COMING UP: The Importance of Presentation & Framing

Business Video Framing and Graphics.

Presenting Techniques For Your Smartphone Videos.

Eyelines For Your Smartphone Video Recordings.

Framing, Eyeline & Action!

PLUS: Making A Video With All The Elements (DOWNLOAD)

PREVIEW: The Secrets For Choosing Your Location…


Choosing Your Location ~

COMING UP: The Art of Choosing a Location For Your Video.

A Good Location Makes A Video Interesting.

How To Be Sure You Don’t Blend In.

Check Your Location is ALL Good for Recording.

EXERCISE – Making a Workplace Video

PLUS: Business Script (DOWNLOAD)

PREVIEW: Easy Script Writing Techniques…


Easy Script Writing Techniques ~

COMING UP: Scripts That Streamline Your Videos.

Knowing What to Say.

What Is It You’re Going To Present In Your Videos?

Choosing A Subject And A Script Template.

EXERCISE – Writing A Script For Your Videos

PLUS: Script Templates – Welcome…

Intro to Services/Products

Meet the Team

Demonstrations “How to…”


Video News Releases

BLOG/Post videos

PREVIEW: Recording the 5 Types of Videos…


Recording 5 Types of Videos ~

COMING UP: Recording Different Types Of Videos.

The Key to Keeping Your Customers Engaged.

Productions (marketing video formats) ~

Smartphone Business Video Formats and Styles

Feature and Business Introduction Videos

Product Promotional Videos Using Your Smartphone

Recording Testimonials – Version 1

Recording Testimonials – Version 2

Planning Your 90 Day Calendar and Marketing Your Business.

EXERCISE – Putting Your Videos To Work on Your Calendar

PLUS: 90 Day Calendar (DOWNLOAD)

PREVIEW: How To Get Your Videos Seen…


‘Sharing’ Your Videos (How to Get Your Videos Seen the RIGHT Way) ~

COMING UP: Uploading Your Videos.

The Importance of Linking Your Media and Platforms.

Website, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and more…

Step-by step-guide to Uploading Your Videos.

Putting Your Videos Online

Upload to Website ~

PLUS: Checklist for How To Get Your Videos Seen

Youtube Channel Setup

PLUS: Checklist for Youtube Channel Setup

Upload to Youtube ~


Upload to Facebook ~


Upload to Instagram & Other Platforms ~


PREVIEW: Editing Made Easy…


Editing ~

COMING UP: Editing Made Easy.

Creating More Engagement and Variety in Your Videos.

The Software That Makes Editing Easy.

Using Screenflow for MAC, Filmora for PC/Windows, Canva.

EXERCISE – Make a Video Combining a Piece-To-Camera & Graphics

PREVIEW: How to Stay Ahead of the Pack…


#1: How to Stay Ahead of the Pack ~

COMING UP: Staying on top of your marketing…

You Have the Data… Use It.

Your Customers Contact Information.

Consistency Wins The Race

Staying In Your Customers’ Subconscious

The Calendar That Works Best For Your Business

System For Communication

Email, SMS Alerts & Special Offers

Making Your Customer Feel Special (Treat Everyone As If They’re A Million Dollar Client)

Integrity ~ Deliver What You Promise

Provide Empathy/Preserve Ego

Why It Might Be Helpful To Categorise Your Customers

EXERCISE – How To Categorise Your Customers ~ A, B or C

What’s Next… Forming Good Habits and Scheduling Your Day, Your Week, Your Month


The Hairdresser ~ …and the importance of capturing your customers’ data.

#3: STORY:

Business ~ Taking a Chance.

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