Video Marketing That’s Gets Your Business Seen By Ready-To-Buy Customers.

Because we’re a team of experienced professionals who bring
technology, local business marketing and creativity together so your business gets seen online.


In light of the current world-wide health alerts regarding COVID-19… self-isolation, quarantine and the like, this situation puts even more emphasis on the need for your business to be making a connection with your customers online. 

Your video marketing is the absolute best way to do this.  Create trust, build awareness and educate ready-to-buy customers.  If these people can’t visit your store or office right now, you can make sure they will see your marketing and be informed about what you have and how you can help them.   

While your competitors are wringing their hands wondering what to do, you’ll come out of this with your business way ahead.   

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Do you need help with marketing your business?

Do you feel disillusioned and frustrated because you can’t get enough customers? 

That maybe because the way we now promote and market our businesses has changed significantly, and you may have found yourself caught out and overwhelmed with your online choices. 

These days, it’s all about being seen online, getting on Google and staying ahead of your competitors.

If you feel like you’re being left behind and don’t understand how to market, we’re here to help you.

On this website, you’ll see a number of effective and affordable video marketing and awareness solutions. From learning how to do it yourself or having it all done for you.

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Video Marketing is the BEST WAY to get ready-to-buy customers to your business. Watch the video below now to see why

“Marketing is the BRIDGE that gets you from owning a business – to having the business and
lifestyle of YOUR DREAMS.”


Baby Boomer, Gen X and local business owners, here’s the easy way to get Online TV Commercials working
for your business right now, so that you can…
  • STOP hoping business will 'pick up'

  • STOP worrying about how you’re going to pay your bills

  • STOP procrastinating about how to market your business


See how attendees from our Video Marketing Workshops have discovered how to get more exposure for their businesses…

Viddyup helps local businesses increase their online exposure. The more people that know about your business, the more ‘ready-to-buy’ customers will be calling you, right?

That’s because these people are searching for what you have (products and services) online ALL THE TIME.  Your Online TV Commercials inform them about your business and encourage them call you, visit your website or visit your business location.

Using our expertise, industry knowledge and experience, we create videos for businesses and companies to use across all their media…
Website, Facebook, Google ‘My Business’ and Youtube.

Designed to boost your online exposure, you’ll find 3 time-saving, effective and affordable solutions below…

Solution #1: DONE FOR YOU (DFY)where we do all the production and marketing work across all your online platforms, taking the pressure off you and your business so you can concentrate on your core work

Solution #2: DONE WITH YOU (DWY) – where we work in conjunction with you to provide regular, engaging videos that gets your business seen across the internet

Solution #3: FEATURE & SHOWCASE VIDEOS – this option makes your business the trusted supplier in your area.  Complete production from concept to Online TV Commercial

Do you think you don’t have time for video marketing?

See how Janet blows that myth out of the water in the short video below…

Discover the world's easiest system for local business owners to use the power of video marketing that builds a more profitable business

in 2 hours a week.